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Which Sunday Scaries product works best for pain relief?Updated 3 months ago

While we custom formulate our products for stress relief and sleep aid, we have many customers who also purchase for pain relief. They purchase either Couch Potatoes THC Gummies or Sunday Scaries CBD Oil Tincture

If you're ok with getting high, we suggest trying our Couch Potatoes THC Gummies. These THC gummies are enhanced with L-Theanine and may offer pain relief by combining the analgesic properties of THC, which interacts with the endocannabinoid system, with the potential calming and stress-reducing effects of L-Theanine, which promotes relaxation and reducing pain perception.  🛋️

If you're not ok with getting high, we suggest trying our Sunday Scaries CBD Oil. Our CBD oil is enhanced with vitamins B12 and D3 and offers pain relief by reducing inflammation and supporting overall health through the vitamins, while the CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, providing pain management benefits. 😌

Use code "tryit15" for 15% off your first order. That's how confident we are that our products will work for you.

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