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Which Sunday Scaries product works best for travelling?Updated 3 months ago

When it comes to finding the best product for travelling, addressing various needs and preferences is key. Here are three options that cater to different aspects of the travel experience, all of which are TSA compliant:

  1. Sunday Scaries Extra Strength CBD Gummies: Perfect for those grappling with flight anxiety or simply looking to unwind mid-air. These gummies offer a calming effect without the high, making them ideal for taking the edge off during a flight.
  2. Big Spoon CBD Sleep Oil: For travellers facing red-eye or international flights, sleep is precious. Our CBD sleep oil will be your ticket to a restful journey. Its calming properties promote relaxation & sedation and facilitate a better chance at catching some quality Z's while in the air.
  3. Couch Potatoes THC Gummies: Now, while time doesn't exactly fly faster than an F-16 when you're HIGH in the sky, these THC gummies might make it feel that way. Perfect for those who want to pass the time on a flight with a huge smile on their face.

Remember, all three options are TSA compliant, ensuring a Scarefree passage through security checks. If you have any trouble at security, feel free to show the TSA agent this TSA message and disclose that the product you are carrying contains less than .03% THC on a dry weight basis and is within the legal compliance.

Use code "travel15" for 15% OFF your entire next order and enjoy your trip!

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